How do you waching Animation (gundam and others) ?

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How do you waching Animation (gundam and others) ?

Message par kks951 le Mar 2 Fév 2010 - 19:15

Hey all, have not seen you for a while, I am back home to China for the lunar festival.
I remember a lot of friends from this forum have told me that you guys have not watched any gundam animation for a long time, coz the french cable TV only have limited choices of animations.
I do not know if you guys watch english version from internet or what do you guys do?

The good news is that I have talked to few friends here in China, they can provid all gundam and other animations for free(you all should know what can my ppl do Twisted Evil ), I can translate them to english , or even ask my friend to help to make them into french subtitles.
I know it is ILLEAGL to do so, but if there are legal ones, I won't even need to trouble myself.

I would like to know if you guys are up for it or not? If so, what animations you guys want to watch?


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Re: How do you waching Animation (gundam and others) ?

Message par Youli le Mer 3 Fév 2010 - 13:35

I don't want to talk for other people here, but we had a LOT of Japanese ANimation in France.
Not the one you are interest in (Five Star Stories, most of the Gundam's), but REALLY a lot...

Concerning the Gundam License, we had Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed and Destiny, and now Gundam Zero.
We had the movie version of 0083 (Stardust Memory), F-91, the 3 movies of the original series and that's it.

We didn't have the Zeta series, not even the new translation movies, or other titles like G Gundam, X Gundam, or 08th MS Team or 0080 and 0083 in OAV. Didn't mention MS Igloo (not worth mentioning IMHO).

But, anyhow, those who want to see it know how to proceed, I do think... Smile

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